Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Prime Time

One of the most important factors in having a flawless complexion is investing in a reliable primer. These are intended to smooth the skin before applying foundation, whether it's powder or liquid. Gliding over your face to make your skin soft and silky,  this magic potion will also make your pores appear significantly smaller and will help foundation sit better on your skin. Benefit's "Dr. Feel Good"  has an incredible velvety texture that will make your skin feel smooth and touchable. Dermalogica also makes a moisturizing product called "Barrier Repair" that is intended for sensitive skin and will actually heal your skin while working as a primer under makeup or by itself.  "Pores no more" by Dr. Brandt is thicker than the other two and will smooth over your pores like a charm. I would suggest this if you are planning on applying makeup over it. It is slightly tinted and it is sulfate, fragrance and dye free. Enjoy looking perfectly photoshopped as you walk around with this magical little secret.

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